About Pablo

Golf Coaching

Pablo turned Pro in 1998, following a successful amateur career.

After completing his PGA training at Golf Club de Genève, he gained valuable coaching & playing experience.

In winter 2001, Pablo attended many coaching seminars in Arizona, the chance to meet, work and share ideas with coaches and touring Pros, combined with the continual  improvement of his personal knowlegde in the field, has been, and still is, his truly inspirational drive.

For several years and with excellent results, Pablo has been coaching the Elite Juniors team at Golf Club de Genève.

Since 2001, he has been a full-member of the SwissPGA and has attended numerous PGA teaching & coaching conferences and, PGA Further Education Days, for the benefit of his client base, which ranges from juniors to complete beginners to top players and professionals.

In his one-on-one teaching sessions, Pablo works with the lastest technology in digital video analysis. His passion is to help any golfer with a desire to make real progress. He  will work with you on every aspect of your swing, in order to improve power, accuracy and consistency ; he will work with you on your short game area, chipping, pitching, sand shots and putting to help you lower your scores. Finally, he will be emphasizing all mental aspects and course management skills that you need to develop into a complete player. He will also devise programs to enhance your athletic functional performance, power and overall ability, be it at amateur or at professional level.

Pablo aims to help golfers to make progress and reach their full potential. He truly believes that every player can improve their game and their real enjoyment of golf.