Black Mountain Golf Club

Black Mountain was transformed modeled from lush jungle and pineapple plantations. It is set in a valley, just next to the “Black Mountains’”, whose name stems from the large black rocks set into the mountains, and which provide a nice scenic backdrop to many of the holes.

The golf course looks as natural as possible and maintains many of the site’s original features. The most important which are the natural creeks running throughout the course and the rocks used as design features on many of the holes.

Black Mountain is a test for top professionals, but also very playable for average golfers. All of the holes provide any golfer with a safe route but yet for the more adventurous player there is a higher risk option with a potential greater reward.




Black Mountain Par 3 Course


The Black Mountain’s new nine-hole par-3 layout is a pure golf challenge even for tour pros.

The course has deep and plentiful bunkers, water on almost every hole, greens protected by steep banks, and undulations everywhere, which make the course a far cry from the pitch-and-putt image of a par-3 courses.

It’s a great course to sharpen up short and mid irons and the greens are big enough to hit. Skilled players can learn more in an hour playing one round here than from a day on the range. It is not a course for beginners, but it appeals to low, middle and even higher handicappers who want to test their skills on a spectacular layout with challenging holes.

Whatever you have seen, heard or thought about par-3 golf courses, this is the time to reconsider.